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No need to be an expert. Ad Creator is a drag & drop tool that makes it easy for everyone to create promotional videos in a few minutes. In Ad Creator everything is online, so there is nothing to install or upgrade.

Authentic footage. Better results.

Glymt is a video-creator community that helps businesses get tailored, authentic footage, for digital channels. That means you have access to User Generated Video from 70.000 Glymt users.

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Choose between all the major Social Media formats and save your video creations as templates, to save time. Add animated gifs, stickers and animojis to spice up your videos.

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Need personalized video content matching your social media plan? No problem. Schedule multiple footage requests from your community and your clips will come to you with perfect timing.

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Free means free.

When you use Social Video Creator you have access to free CC0 footage and music, you can upload your own clips and sounds, and you get to download your creations at full HD resolution. Period!

You will only have to pay if you want to access premium and custom-made footage from our community.

We think that's only fair.

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Ad Creator is still in Beta but we would love to hear your feedback and see your video creations.

Send us your likes and dislikes and what you would like to see next to, or use the feedback box near the footer of our website.

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